Manmade Web Limited

Manmade Web Limited is proud to announce the launch of the Fonznik, a service provided by Asteroute.

Asteroute, as a standalone service, will be released at a later date, most likely through AWS Marketplace.

Utilising the AWS Marketplace Consulting Partner scheme will allow MMW to offer Asteroute to customers using vertical market experts.


MMW has provided support and development services to the Telecoms industry for more than 17 years.

About 5 years ago it became apparent that voice services would be carried on the Internet, as just another kind of data.

Market research found no VoIP (Internet telephony) equivalent to the Intelligent Network services available on the telephone network (pstn).

A need for Intelligent Voip Services (sometimes called Next Generation Intelligent Network - NGIN) was apparent and an IP Voice Service - Asteroute - was developed.

The results of market research were documented in the report Stupid_Network_Review_Sep_2012.pdf

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